Welcome to the AC Light Aircraft website. Here we manufacture a Next Generation Sirocco, which we call the Sirocco-NG.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this ultimate fun plane.


If you like open cockpit, unlimited visibility, easy to fly aircraft… please read more about the Sirocco-NG

It’s extremely easy to fly and has low cost of ownership. At cruise flight it uses just a little of auto fuel.

A simple trailer can be used to transport and store the Sirocco anywhere, eliminating expensive hangarage.

With STOL performance, take offs and landings can be made from virtually any field and with a gentle pace of 80 to 120 km/h this is the plane you want to own and fly!

Sherwood Ranger


It’s modern, it’s classic! Are you looking for affordable biplane flying? The Sherwood Ranger is your plane. With foldable wings it is easy trailerable. One person can (un)fold the wings and you are airborne within minutes. Get the Tiger Moth feeling, without expensive maintenance, hangarage and operating costs.

There are 2 models; the ST (standard ultralight) and XP (extra performance & aerobatic).


All our wings in the workshop are covered with Oratex covering material… it saves many hours of messy paintshop work; it’s as easy as covering your model airplane. Brush or spray adhesive on the wing to be covered and let it dry. Then use an iron to bond the covering to the wing and a heat gun to shrink the Oratex to a smooth surface. The material is already painted in with a colour and has an UV protection layer.

We are a ORATEX dealer and ship the material worldwide. Ask for a sample!